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SpaceNet AG and SOFTIQ enter into joint venture

The IT specialist and Internet service provider SpaceNet AG from Munich is cooperating with SOFTIQ Sp. z o.o., a renowned software development company based in Poland. Together they have founded the joint venture SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH. The aim is to develop innovative and customised software solutions for the German market. The dynamic partnership combines Softiq's experience in dedicated software development with SpaceNet AG's many years of expertise in data centres, infrastructure, security and its strong position on the German market.

Andrzej Płachta, Vice President of SOFTIQ Sp. z o.o. and Sebastian von Bomhard, CEO of SpaceNet AG at the signing of the contract to establish SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH)

The strategic co-operation between SpaceNet AG and Softiq Sp.z o.o. goes back many years. The first projects were commissioned work that SOFTIQ in Poland carried out for SpaceNet AG. Both IT companies share common values, are similar in their organisational structures and are aiming for further growth in the area of individual software with this cooperation. The newly founded SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH positions itself as a reliable technology partner for companies on the path to digitalisation.

This is what SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH stands for:

1. state-of-the-art software development: SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH builds software using the most modern means and tried-and-tested current tools. With the experience gained from completed projects, solutions are delivered that are precisely tailored to the needs of customers on the German market.

2. customer-orientated approach: the joint venture works actively with customers. A German-speaking contact person ensures that communication throughout the development process always ensures a common understanding.

3. cross-border expertise: SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH's international focus means that it has access to a diverse talent pool of IT experts and developers. At the same time, customers have full legal security: the company is based in Germany and German law applies.

4. reliability: Even in times of a shortage of skilled labour, SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH delivers quality, on time and on budget thanks to its strong shareholders.

Sebastian von Bomhard, CEO of SpaceNet AG, comments on the co-operation: "We are delighted to have gained Softiq Sp. z o.o., a renowned software development company, as a partner for the SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH joint venture. With shared values and combined strengths, we want to continue to grow consistently in the field of customised software development on the German market and make reliable and secure IT solutions available to corporate customers as usual."

Andrzej Płachta, Vice President of SOFTIQ Sp. z o.o.: " A former customer relationship with SpaceNet AG has become a great partnership with real added value. SOFTIQ Deutschland GmbH not only offers a pooling of expertise, but also opens up exciting opportunities to tap into new markets and respond to constantly changing customer needs.