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E-commerce and online shop

Fail-safe operation around the clock

Fail-safe operation around the clock is vital for an online shop. Our customer serves business and private customers with technical products. SpaceNet - including secure operation and smart planning of the platform - provides the full service for the customer operations.


Our service

  • Hybrid cloud solution consisting of virtual machines, dedicated servers, shared storage and dynamically connected SpaceNet cloud
  • High-availability operation of virtual machines (including application server, content server, cronjob server)
  • Central firewall solution including SpaceNet security management
  • Load balancing solution including SpaceNet management
  • MySQL database cluster
  • SpaceNet database management
  • 2nd and 3rd level support
  • 7x24 monitoring
  • 7x24 expert availability
  • IT consulting: planning, migration and operation from a single source

Your SpaceNet contact

Stefan Hagen

Expert for networking, open source technologies and large corporations
(089) 32356-202