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Certified and multiple award-winning

SSL certificates

With SSL certificates, we provide our customers with an SSL certificate customised to their needs. This always relates to the individual domain and/or multiple (sub-)domains specified by the customer when placing the order. Depending on the type of certificate, different validation processes must be completed for the initial issue. The maximum validity period of an SSL certificate is 13 months (397 days). After this validity period has expired, the usual browsers will no longer classify a website as trustworthy, for example.

Server Security

With the Server Security product, we provide our customers with security software for Windows or Linux operating systems. For Windows systems, this software is automatically kept up to date (virus signature database); for Linux systems, the update always requires manual intervention by SpaceNet employees. Server Security is required for each Windows or Linux installation.

Tobias Härtinger, your specialist for IT security at SpaceNet.

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