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Do you recognise my name? Maybe you know me from the radio. Because I'm regularly on the air on ANTENNE BAYERN ...

In my company, I'm an admin and responsible for making sure our IT works. I support my boss so that he makes the right IT decisions and translate Cloud German into German for him ...

or at least I always know someone who supports us here.

The special thing about me is ...

that I now have a small, dedicated fan community. I'm pretty proud of that.

For all Netzheimer fans who would like to see me perform live with friends or colleagues: You can still listen to my spots here. I wish you lots of fun!


To my radio spots

You know me from the radio?

Here you will find a selection of my spots

  • Netzheimer applies

  • Netzheimer continues its education

  • Netzheimer is ill

  • Netzheimer and the total crash

  • Netzheimer and the mail washing machine part 1

  • Netzheimer and the mail washing machine part 2

  • Netzheimer and the auditor

  • Netzheimer's data centre

  • Netzheimer and the data backup

  • Netzheimer maintenance-free

  • Netzheimer's battle with the firewall

  • Netzheimer and the golden eagle

  • Netzheimer muesli bar

  • Netzheimer highly available and fail-safe

  • Netzheimer in shopping paradise

  • Netzheimer and the Mailofant

  • Netzheimer and the Mailofant

  • Netzheimer and teamwork

  • Netzheim in search of talent

  • Netzheimer and the server move

  • Netzheimer and the web agency

  • Netzheimer deals with the topic of internet security

  • Netzheimer and the online shop

  • Netzheimer and Sync n Share

  • Netzheimer and the creative competition

  • Netzheimer and Kombiline

  • Netzheimer and the creative competition

  • Netzheimer and the cloud breakfast

  • Netzheimer Master Cloudissimo

  • Netzheimer and the test winner

  • Netzheimer in training

  • Netzheimer and the virtual machines

  • Netzheimer and secure data

  • Netzheimer and the IT audit

  • Spacenet grows

  • Netzheimer and the Clouderwelsch

  • Netzheimer and the cloud book

  • Netzheimer about Spacenet IT-Consulting

  • Netzheimer about the Applications Support

  • Netzheimer about Spacenet Homeoffice

  • Netzheimer discovers Collaboration

  • Netzheimer hacks