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"Money alone doesn't make you happy" - we've all heard this saying before. Yes, it's true, but what else is needed? For some, a family environment is important, others are happy about a few extra days' holiday, others would like a 27-hour week, families are happy about various allowances and still others want to keep developing. Everyone has their own happiness points. For this reason, in addition to performance-related salaries, we offer creative and individualised additional benefits for each individual according to their stage of life. Because if you are happy, balanced and healthy, you can work with motivation and face all the challenges of everyday life.


Job bike

Kindergarten subsidy

Free e-bike/car charging

Flexible working hours

Hybrid working

Anniversary bonuses

Subsidy for workplace glasses


Free parking spaces

Group accident insurance

Server & free domains

Overtime compensation & 30 days holiday

Canteen subsidy


Further training programmes

Company pension scheme

Part-time work

Employee loans

Recruit €1,500 for colleagues

Team events

Dog in the office

Fitness studio

English course

Sports events (yoga, XLETIX)

Our values & keys to success

Personal. Strong. Safe. Smart.

Four little words. But on closer inspection, there is a lot of content behind them. Together with all our employees, we have defined what we understand by these values. We incorporate them into our everyday life and bring them to life every day in order to be REALLY GOOD.


We attach great importance to working together in a spirit of trust and creating an environment in which our employees' opinions are valued.


It is important to us that our employees take responsibility, take initiative and offer scope for personal development.


Well thought-out company decisions, investments, flat hierarchies and committed employees ensure growth and good prospects for the future.


The promotion of knowledge leadership through the further training of our employees is essential for us.


With honest communication, we create a trusting relationship. We give each other the space to address unpleasant topics openly and work on our ability to think from the other person's perspective. We respect others for who they are, what they know, for the skills and experience that each individual brings to our SpaceFamily. We are there for each other and support each other. Our informal and open-door culture encourages a spirit of partnership. We create trust by assuming the good intentions of others and meeting them with the same positive intentions. We contribute to an atmosphere of trust through the prompt and transparent exchange of knowledge and information.


We act as a team, in which all those involved keep an eye on the process of a task before and after and align our actions accordingly in order to find an efficient solution. We make quick, unbureaucratic and targeted decisions based on flat hierarchies. The results and information of these decisions are communicated promptly to all stakeholders. We are professionally well qualified, pass on our knowledge in a generally understandable and targeted manner and constantly undergo further training in order to proactively meet future challenges.


SpaceNet is a secure and independent employer. Well thought-out company decisions, investments, flat hierarchies and committed employees ensure growth and good prospects for the future. Appreciation, openness and respect form the foundation of our team spirit. We support each other both professionally and privately. We stand for pragmatism, quality, reliability and transparency. In order to meet the high quality standards of our customers, our internal processes are based on best practices in accordance with ITIL. For SpaceNet, the security of the data and systems entrusted to us takes centre stage.


We follow developments in the market, promote knowledge leadership through further education and training and contribute the resulting ideas. We promote the "WE" feeling through cross-departmental knowledge transfer and targeted internal communication. We involve all colleagues and show understanding for one another. We are open to new ideas and share our knowledge and experience with each other.


Any questions?

We are happy to help. Please contact Sofia Osipidou.
Tel.: (089) 323 56-0 |