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The public cloud as a driver for innovation

The public cloud gives companies comprehensive access to a wide range of advanced cloud services and resources. These include not only storage solutions, databases and virtual machines, but also a highly developed network infrastructure. This solid foundation provides the ideal basis for companies to seamlessly access powerful analytics and AI functions that can be used to analyse and efficiently implement customer needs.

What speaks in favour of cloud computing

The public cloud offers many advantages over conventional on-premises solutions.

  • Cost efficiency: Companies only pay for the resources they actually use instead of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware.
  • Improved security : Security is guaranteed by the cloud provider.
  • Flexible decisions: Different workloads can be migrated to the cloud as required.
  • Efficient reconfiguration : Virtualisation enables the entire system to be reconfigured quickly.
  • Pay-as-you-go : The absence of long-term contracts ensures flexible utilisation.

Optimise your smooth migration to the public cloud

A well thought-out strategy is essential for cloud migration. We offer comprehensive consulting to develop customised cloud solutions according to your individual requirements. Decide specifically which data and applications should run in the cloud in the future to ensure availability and security. As an equal partner, we pick you up where you are and walk the path to a successful future in the cloud together.

Flexible and secure: discover our hybrid cloud solutions

Proven systems and infrastructures must not fall by the wayside during migration. We understand that companies have diverse requirements. Our solution: the hybrid cloud, a flexible mix of private and public cloud and a tailored response to the individual requirements of modern companies in order to maximise agility and security.

Find out how you can realise your innovative plans flexibly and in record time

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