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Less effort, safely citified?

What seems paradoxical at first glance makes sense on closer inspection. As a customer in a regulated environment, such as banking, you are familiar with the work involved in internal auditing. Your outsourcing requires regular audits, reports and reporting. In addition to the costs for the audits themselves, there are usually also additional costs such as travelling expenses and other expenses. The preparation of reports, audit reports and the auditing of the service provider cause considerable expenses.

With our governance processes, we support you in significantly reducing your audit costs. You also benefit from our quality standards and our effective internal control system.

You are safe here

Some of the standards for which you are on the safe side by outsourcing your IT to us.

ISO 27001




BSI IT baseline protection

You can rely on it

ISO 27001

Our ISMS has been certified in accordance with ISO 27001 without interruption since 2007 and is supervised by a TÜV-certified IT security auditor.

DIN EN 50600

Our data centres are certified in accordance with DIN EN 50600 VK 3 (Schwabing and Schwabing Nord) and VK 4 (Kirchheim high-security data centre).


We employ ITIL-certified staff. Our processes, methods and tools are also based on ITIL specifications.

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