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An excerpt from our realised projects

Success stories

For our customers, we implement customised hosting, outsourcing or security solutions that optimise both data integrity and IT system performance. Our personalised service helps our customers to make smart decisions and work with us to find the best solution for their specific requirements. We present a few selected success stories here.


E-commerce and online shop

Fail-safe operation around the clock

Fail-safe operation around the clock is vital for an online shop. Our customer serves business and private customers with technical products. SpaceNet - including secure operation and smart planning of the platform - provides the full service for the customer operations.

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Global supplier of pick-and-place machines

Company networking for 42 locations worldwide

For a global manufacturer of pick-and-place machines for electronic products, branches worldwide were connected to the company headquarters in Munich via fast, secure and highly available data lines

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Drei Personen arbeiten zusammen. Auf dem Tisch vorne steht ein Laptop mit vielen Papieren, und eine Frau hält ihre Hände.SpaceNet

Software of a railway company

Around the clock: software at a glance

The industry software of a railway company must be available 24 hours a day. SpaceNet takes over the management, integration and support of the application and ensures the reliable operation of the application with its 24-hour service.

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