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The realisation of your innovative plans stands and falls with your cloud environment

Would you like to:

  • Massively enhance your business model and processes with advanced offerings such as AI applications?
  • Accentuate and accelerate your data analyses to stay one step ahead of your market?
  • Ensure your business continuity through secure & cost-effective data backup?
  • Or finally digitise your company reliably and efficiently without a huge entry-level project?

Then you need a cloud environment that adapts flexibly to your requirements and offers the level of performance and security you need to realise your plans.

And without long-term gagging contracts, high administrative costs or inadequate performance.

Why companies rely on our cloud services to realise innovations at record speed

Forward-looking companies such as the online platform rely on our cloud services because they offer the optimum balance of performance, service, flexibility and efficiency. This is the only way you can lead the way in your market and quickly develop profitable business models.

Regardless of whether you are currently developing your cloud strategy or whether you want to implement projects as part of your existing plans in the best possible way: We provide you with vendor-independent, personalised support using the most advanced technology.

Advantages for your cloud strategy with us

Maximum flexibility:

Our private, hybrid and public cloud solutions adapt uncompromisingly to your requirements so that you can implement and develop your project smoothly.

Top performance:

You benefit from high-performance cloud services with over 99.999% availability, ensuring that your applications and data are available quickly and reliably at all times.

Personal contact person:

A dedicated contact person accompanies you throughout to ensure the planning and implementation of the migration to the cloud based on your cloud strategy.

Manufacturer-independent advice:

You receive objective, vendor-independent advice to help you find the best cloud solution for your specific business model.

Secure data centres in Munich:

You benefit from our state-of-the-art, E50600-certified data centres in Munich with the highest security standards and data integrity.

Low administrative costs:

You choose whether you want us to manage your cloud services for you or train all your users accordingly.

Ideal price-performance ratio:

You only pay for what you actually use, allowing you to benefit from maximum performance, security and scalability at low cost. We retain our customers through the highest quality and top service, not through gagging contracts.

24/7 support from experts:

You can reach experts around the clock who will deal with your enquiry immediately. No chatbots or call centres.

Your path to a SpaceNet cloud environment that fulfils your requirements without compromise

1st introductory meeting

In a non-binding introductory meeting, you can tell us about your requirements and get an outlook on a possible collaboration.

2. customised offer

In the next step, you will receive a customised offer based on your requirements and objectives.

Optional: One-off workshop

For highly complex requirements, we always recommend an on-site workshop. This ensures that you receive a solution that matches your ambitions.

3. implementation of your cloud strategy

In the final step, we implement your cloud strategy. You choose whether you want us to manage your cloud services for you or whether you want us to train all users accordingly.

Secure your consultation appointment

Take advantage of our experience.

Arrange a non-binding consultation

There is much discussion in the cloud computing market about the three major cloud models. All three models have their place in the cloud world. They offer different advantages.

Comparison of private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud

Public Cloud

A public cloud is usually provided as a service via the internet. The organisation's applications are hosted on the provider's premises. The organisation has little control over the environment in which the application is hosted. The core infrastructure is shared by many organisations.

This makes the location of the provider's data centre all the more important. In Germany, the highest level of security is guaranteed by the GDPR.

More about public cloud

Private cloud

A private cloud, also known as an internal cloud or enterprise cloud, is intended for companies that want the same dynamic flexibility as a public cloud, but do not want to house their applications and data in a public cloud for security reasons or are unable to do so due to legal requirements.

More about private cloud

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a mixture of a private and a public cloud.
The hybrid cloud is more difficult to describe because so many different variations of the mix between private and public are possible.
For example, a company may choose to place its work environments in a public cloud, while the development environment can be housed in a private cloud.
Also, many companies choose to run their sales and marketing activities in a public cloud while keeping their financial operations in a private cloud.

Find out how you can realise your innovative plans flexibly and in record time

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