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We help you to plan and operate your information systems and business applications securely. With personal contacts, more than 30 years of experience and certified high-security data centres, we take care of your IT and your digital digitisation strategy.

No matter what challenges you have

Your IT has to run.

There are many different ways to achieve this goal:

  • classic, dedicated server systems
  • Private and public cloud solutions
  • Hybrid IT platforms that combine the best of all worlds

SpaceNet not only provides you with the operating platform for your IT systems: we also take care of ongoing operations and intervene if something is not running smoothly. You can find out which system structure is right for your IT platform and your use case in a personal discussion with our experts.

With us as your partner, you don't have to worry about your IT: We take care of it for you!

Seven smart reasons

Why IT outsourcing

Your IT cannot be everywhere at once. That's why it's good to have a sparring partner at your side who looks at your IT from an external perspective and takes the pressure off your IT.

  1. You take the pressure off your IT department
    and can concentrate fully on your core business!
  2. You benefit from specialised know-how "from the outside"
    This allows you to use expertise without having to build up internal know-how.
  3. Your IT is always up to date
    With a "rental solution" you are up to date and avoid security gaps caused by systems that have not been updated.
  4. IT infrastructures that grow
    This means you can act more flexibly on the market.
  5. No investment in software development and hardware
    This means you have less risk from a business perspective & a more flexible capital structure.
  6. Always have access to the latest technologies
    This makes you more flexible and allows you to organise your work processes more efficiently.
  7. Transparent costs
    Your IT operating costs can be clearly budgeted.

24/7 service

You don't have any specialists available 24/7? - No problem!

Would you also like us to coordinate your IT suppliers? - We will!

Depending on the requirements you or your customers place on the availability of your IT systems, SpaceNet will provide you with the appropriate service concept. Depending on how much you want to do yourself, we offer you suitable service elements for the worry-free operation of your IT platform.

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Your IT platform

Customised instead of standard

Professional IT platforms cannot be lumped together. A smart solution is characterised by

  • suitable availability
  • maximum security
  • excellent service & support.

And if customisation is still not enough, you will receive a powerful solution tailored to your needs.

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Smart solutions for webshops

Do you run an online shop, a news platform or a website that must not fail because it is financed by advertising revenue? We support you with:

  • a strong IT environment - designed for high load and failure safety
  • redundant environments
  • Emergency servers for uninterrupted availability

You also benefit from our expertise

  • in ongoing operations (e.g. when scaling the IT environment)
  • in the performance of your platform (we optimise your software and databases)
  • when connecting to hyperscaling platforms, e.g. Amazon Webservices (AWS)

Site networking / networks

Do you need to transfer data quickly between different locations via fail-safe lines? We have been networking and advising companies for 30 years and can support you with a wide range of connection options.

  • Carrier-neutral advice and technical design
  • Complex connection and networking concepts
  • Different in-house cable feeds
  • "Prioritised" line traffic
  • Site connection via radio relay
  • Bandwidth: from 2 MBit/s
  • Optional: international line connection
  • Fail-safe thanks to redundant lines and SpaceNet backbone
  • Secure Internet connection (all requests via our high-security data centre)
  • Fast data transmission via MPLS (Multi Protocol Layer Switching)

Application Support

Business processes can only be implemented efficiently if your employees can use the software properly. We support your team so that they can use their application properly:

  • Support for your technicians
  • Sophisticated authorisation concept
  • Application-specific checklists and FAQ lists
  • Regular training courses for know-how transfer
  • 24/7 service available

More about application support

Application Management

Whether on premise or cloud solution. Our application management ensures that your employees stay up to date with personalised service and a wealth of expertise. Our services:

  • Installing updates and patches
  • Quality assurance process
  • ISO 27001 certified release management
  • ITIL-certified service managers
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Emergency and rollback plans
  • 24/7 service available

More about Application Management

Colocation in Munich

Colocation in SpaceNet's secure data centre is the strong and secure solution for your IT infrastructure. We are your reliable partner with first-class physical security, redundant power supply and fast connectivity.

For this strong performance, we have been awarded Gold in the Data Centre/Colocation category several times. Data centre/colocation confirmed.

More about colocation at SpaceNet

RACI - The division of labour

We cater entirely to your needs!

R - Responsible

Who is responsible for the implementation?

A - Accountable

Who decides and checks the results?

C - Consulted

Who is involved? What are the obligations to co-operate?

I - Informed

Who will be informed and when?

This means you can be sure that everyone involved has a clear definition of how collaboration works in practice. Based on ITIL, our service managers ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

A really good solution!


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