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What happens during the SpaceNet Security Scan?

We check your IT systems for security vulnerabilities to the public Internet. Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and the services running on them can be checked, provided they have a direct connection to the Internet.

The SpaceNet Security Scanner checks your systems and devices according to the following criteria and reports back:
  • Vulnerability detection (CVE, CPE, OVAL, NVT, CERT-BUND, DFN-CERT)
  • Security "feed" with 100,000 known vulnerabilities (updated daily)
  • Security risks (e.g. caused by missing patches)
  • Security-relevant system settings

What's in it for you?

  • Software updates are carried out automatically for you and keep the technology up to date - and therefore secure.
  • Provision of the software in our high-security data centre.
  • Optional: Security monitoring of your systems even outside SpaceNet support hours (7x24).
  • Would you like a second opinion? We are also happy to analyse the security scans you have had carried out by third-party providers.

IT security is a process

The SpaceNet Security Scanner provides the basis. Because only if you know your weak points can you implement security measures in a targeted manner. We will be happy to advise you on further security precautions such as SpaceNet SIEM & SpaceNet EDR.


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Tobias Härtinger, your specialist for IT security at SpaceNet.

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