IPv6 BGP beacon experiment


In the past years, I have been doing research on the state of the global IPv6 BGP routing system - routing table growth, and ``announcements that should not be there''. Here you can read more about that.

Something that is seen repeatedly is lack of IPv6 BGP filters, notably:

This lack of filtering means that unsuspecting ASes may see their prefixes receiving transit traffic over completely unplanned routes, and worse, with definite lack of quality of service (old 2503 routers, tunnels, ...)

My IPv6 beacon test setup tries to identify filtering leaks


I will announce two prefixes / set of prefixes, in a weekly schedule:

Schedule / Methology

The current planned schedule is:
DatePrefix set announced
Wed, May 27announce /35, customers only
Wed, Jun 2announce more specifics, global
 withdraw /35
Wed, Jun 9announce /35, customers only
 withdraw more specifics
Fri, Jun 18announce more specifics, global
 withdraw /35
Wed, Jun 23withdraw all announcements, evaluate results

Two days after each announcement, we will check various looking glasses, notably GRH and RISwhois for visibility of the newly announced prefixes, and for leftovers (Ghosts) of the withdrawn ones.

Also, I will keep track on whether anyone will notice those routes, especially the more specifics, and complain to me.


Wed, May 27, 12:00 MEDT: Announced /35.
Seen only at customers of 5539 (over the full week). GOOD

Wed, Jun 02, 13:00 MEDT: withdraw /35, announce more specifics
13:05 MEDT:
Withdraw of /35 propagated almost instantly: not seen anymore in GRH
/36 accepted widely (19 peers in GRH, )
/40 accepted widely (19 peers in GRH)
/48 partially filtered (17 peers in GRH)
/64 filtered pretty well (6 peers in GRH)
/128 filtered even better (3 peers in GRH, only 1 AS path (15444 5539 8878))
BUT: all RIPE RRCs see prefixes, even /128 (21 ris peers for all pfxes)

Fri, Jun 11, ??:?? MEDT: announce /35, withdraw more specifics

Fri, Jun 18, 09:30 MEDT: withdraw /35, announce more specifics

Update: 2004/05/24. Gert Döring: initial version.